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The premier worldwide educational resource for success. An educational platform for kids, teens and adults to succeed in life. We offer success seminars, workshops, online courses and clubs, monthly mentoring, educational books and success clothing.

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McNulty International, LLC

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Established in 2015, McNulty International is continuously growing to reach heights never imagined. McNulty International is an Atlanta-based parent company for many visions and entrepreneurial ventures that focuses on the empowerment of others, their successes and their health as well. We strive to provide avenues to increase your personal and business success, as well as your health.


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  • Intelligent Marketing Principals

    We are a company dedicated to helping businesses grow. From business cards to sales funnels, we are here to help navigate you through the process by providing you the blueprint to starting a business and leading it to success.Our mission is to take dreams and turn them into a reality.

  • Personal Brand

    Project Manager

    Helping people create, renovate and elevate their personal brand.

    🔸Personal Business Plan
    🔸Personal Marketing Plan
    🔸Digital Fingerprint
    🔸Project Management

  • Chef Diamond

    and Friends

    Chef Diamond and Friends provides stories that reflect a diverse, inclusive and healthy lifestyle. It also revives the possibilities of dreaming while relating to both the reader and storyteller.


    At Chef Diamond and Friends we also provide an Online Cooking Club for kids to learn how to prepare quick and healthy meals. Visit our website for more details.

  • Taste Of Diamond

    At Taste Of Diamond we offer an array of exquisite 5-Star menu items. We pride ourselves on using locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients to guarantee exceptional tasting food.

Are You Ready To Be Successful?

Learn how to create your own personal success plan and much more. Join a successful young man's success club and prepare to take over the world.

Teaching Young Men and Women

How To Create Their Personal Success Plan®

The inspirational roadmap to success. With personal stories throughout, Authors Diamond McNulty and Mercedes McNulty challenge you to take inventory of your life today, assessing where you are and where you want to be. These books will assist any young man and woman in achieving their goals, whether they are to be the next successful young athlete or the next successful young businessman or woman.

How To Become A Successful Young Mn Book

How To Become A Successful Young Man Workbook

How To Become A Successful Young Woman Book

How To Become A Successful Young Woman Workbook

Successful Young Man Poster

Successful Young Woman Poster



Are You Feeling Stuck In Life?

Get #SuccessRecovery - the blueprint I created to help adults get back on track. Helping adults create their personal success plan. 

  • Success Recovery Course

    In this course you will learn how to get back on track.

  • Maximum Potential Course

    Learn how to uncover your gift, purpose and passion and complete everything that's for you. 

  • Confidence Course

    Learn how to believe in yourself and take massive action. 

  • Success Plan Course

    Helping you create your personal success plan.

  • Family Success Course

    Learn how to setup your family for success. 

  • Success Community

    Join our Private Success Recovery Community. Click Here