Welcome to Today's Educational Leaders!

We are happy that you have taken this step to be Inspired, Motivated and Educated. Currently we are offering two courses below, Success 101 Seminar and Entrepreneurship 101 course.


All seminars and courses are designed to equip you with the necessary tools to assist you in your journey to success. Happy Learning!


The Success 101 workshop is based on the book publications of one our instructors, entitled "How To Become A Successful Young Man and How To Become A Successful Young Woman". This workshop is for both young men and women ages 10-18. 

This workshop is 3 hours.

(To enhance your students experience you will want to purchase a book package which includes the book, workbook and wristband. You can make this purchase during registration or at the event)



Dreams do come true.

This course is intended to educate and prepare aspiring or new entrepreneurs. We will cover various topics from the "do's and don'ts" to how to overcome setbacks and obstacles. Our intention is to prepare and equip you for success. 

This will be an interactive learning course.

The workshop is 2 hours.


We invite every school, church, non-profit and youth organization to join us on our journey to create one million success plans across the world. 

We decided to create a tool that will provide teachers and parents a guide to better educate their students/child on key success principles in life.

Why was this created?

Why should I buy this?

The Instructor Curriculum is the perfect manual that will help navitigate you through our books "How To Become A Successful Young Man and Woman." Bringing all success concepts to life, the curriculum helps the books content to stick.

Who is this for?

Everyone. However, we do provide the service for one of our Educational Leaders to teach this curriculm to your students or child.

Every child has an idea

We will nurture it into a reality.

Every child has a voice

We will listen.

Every child needs a Success plan

We will assist them step by step to create one.

Every child needs Guidance

We will provide it.