Oprah confirmed my belief.

When Oprah was growing Harpo Studios one of her partners started worrying about other shows that they were competing against. She told him to "Focus on us". No matter what happens, we will be the best at what we do. On my journey to success I reached a level where I instantly became surrounded by millionaires. After being around them I was able to gauge their thought process. Some were one tracked minded and whenever I asked questions pertaining to how certain functions in their business operated they brushed it off as small talk. Personally, I focus on being the best in everything and learning every part of my company from marketing, sales, etc.

On my journey I never cared about how much anyone had but one time one of the wealthy individuals started talking about my companies, my structure and my current progress in a tone of being small. The one thing I could think about while the individual lips were moving were Tyler Perry saying (never despise small beginnings) and Denzel Washington saying "Ma Man" after not caring what a person was saying. Moral of the Story: You cant compare your process, progress and journey to those who have already achieved a certain level of success. Focus on your system because what God is placing in your spirit, your vision is totally different from what others can see and believe. Don't ever feel intimidated by successful people or made to feel small because your time is coming. By you taking the time to build your business the right way your foundation will be solid and your success will be glorified.

Stay Focused and I wish you much success in your journey!

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