Voting is MORE than just about the PRESIDENT!

After attending a voting forum this weekend sponsored by the Atlanta Branch NAACP in Partnership with the National Pan Hellenic Council of Greater Atlanta, I gained a greater appreciation for not only the mission behind the NAACP but voting and having a right to make change! With the Presidential Debates and Sponsored Ads, no attention has been placed on the voting of Local and State Officials or the many amendments that are set to be amended this upcoming election.

What I appreciated this past Saturday is that the NAACP assembled a panel of educated African American individuals including Lawyers to speak on why this election is so much greater than just choosing a President and how not to be blindsided by that. Also, mentioned was the fact that many of our youth are claiming not to vote this election because they are not partial to either Presidential Candidate. This brings upon a huge gap in understanding. The election in November has more to offer, like political agendas that can either make matters worse for our community or better. Get Informed!

An informed voice/vote can and will make a difference on November 8th!

Photography by Diamond McNulty @BlueDiamondCinema

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