Have someone’s opinions or a life circumstance caused you to question who you are? How you feel about yourself? Or, even caused you to feel unpretty? Well I have been there and as you are probably experiencing it is a really dark place to be. This workbook will help you to regain your identity and start becoming the person you really want to be!


Now on the other hand you can be in a very healthy place with yourself but is just looking to fall deeper in love with you…this is still the perfect workbook for you! This workbook is a primary tool I use in my nonprofit I’m Pretty Too! Organization to help inspire, motivate and empower women of all ages. It is structured in the same format I teach my workshops, starting with the subject of Self-Esteem, Self-Worth and ending with Self-Confidence.


Take some time out and get to know you better! Self-love is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. So take the veil off and start becoming unapologetically you!


To learn more about the I'm Pretty Too! Program visit www.imprettytoo.org.

I'm Pretty Too! Workbook