Mercedes McNulty

Mercedes McNulty was born and raised in Chicago’s Robert Taylor Projects and Baton Rouge’s Valley Park. She was surround by violence, gangs, drugs, sex and poverty. Although mistakes have been made, Mercedes Woodberry has proven that the impossible is very possible no matter the obstacles in your way or the cards you were dealt.  

Mercedes McNulty has undergone all of the trials and triumphs from jail, expulsion from school, playing the mother role for her siblings while her single parent was at work, running away, drug offers, physical abuse, verbal abuse and teen pregnancy.  Still, like a phoenix she rose from the ashes. 

Mercedes McNulty is currently a Criminal Justice Degree holder, an Army Criminal Investigations Agent, a Fitness Instructor, a student at University of Maryland, a Warrant Officer, an Author, and most importantly a Successful Young Woman.

* Army Criminal Investigation Command Special Agent

* Zumba Fitness Instrutor

*Aquatics Aerobics Instructor

*Student at University of Maryland

Lifetime Achievements


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